i swear i will try to translate at least little bits of exo’s new show here and there please forgive me for being so mia!!!

you guys may not miss me but i miss you guys ;___;
/forces love onto all of you

if you ever need to reach me or for some reason don’t mind me being strange and would actually like to be friends with me, i’m on twitter @wowchance_!!
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Huang Zitao in Zhang Liyin “AGAPE” MV

how to be cute and sexy at the same time

quite some time ago, i reached a milestone for this blog. thank you, everyone. let’s hug.  (>˘⌣˘)(˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘  anyway, even though i lack the skills to make pretty graphics, i’ve still decided to do a follow forever!   p.s. includes other fandoms too

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wow i realised that i follow rather few people ha ha /sweats nervously

but anyway, thank you once again everyone for following me! and have a great day ^_^


kyungsoo ㅡ what is love